Arcadia is presented by Biome Collective x We Through Switches


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Biome Collective

Biome Collective is made up of independent game developers collaborating in a co-working space for people who want to create, collaborate and explore games, digital art and technology. Biome Collective supports diversity, independent thinking and alternative approaches in games, arts, culture and spaces. The Dundee-based collective is the first of its kind in Scotland and provides access to space and support for independent game developers and digital artists in the interactive digital sphere.


We Throw Switches

We Throw Switches are an independent curation and production duo who specialise in bringing incredible video games and other wonderful interactive things out from behind closed doors and into amazing social spaces. In the past they’ve organised and collaborated on games collections for everything from film premieres to game jam arcades. They also run and curate the independent arcade / club night GamesAreForEveryone, build alt.arcade cabinets, and do other neat stuff.

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